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Powered by Strava, the 2011 KOM Challenge was a climbing competition that was designed to be fun and highly rewarding. Over 8000 riders worldwide particpated, ranking up millions of feet (meters) of altitude (and attitude) over the 12 months. This individual, team and bike shop competition was brought to you by Studio Velo Cycling.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding Older Rides on Strava

Strava is a great tool and resource - most KOM Challenge riders opted in for Premium membership and that allows us to track a lot of data - who enjoys the in your face suffer score reminder after a ride. Right, one cannot enjoy cycling without learning to love ssuffering. Most of us have lamented that the KOM Challenge ended and Strava opted out of continuing it for 2012. Many features that were part of the Strava interface have disappeared since the Challenged ended. Perhaps we call the latest iteration the the Strava 2012 UIX Challenge (UIX being user interface experience). Navigating Strava has always been tricky. Among the features I miss not having a view of the our local club KOM standings for the month. And what happened to the "leaderboard" feature? That was good.

Another irritating aspect  of the Strava UI is the inability to easily access rides that are over a year old. However, there is a way you can get to it. This year Studio Velo Cycling Travel's 2012 European adventure once again returns to Girona in Catalonia, Spain. I went two years ago and it was fabulous, some of the best riding I've ever experienced, along with outstanding food and scenery. Yesterday I was discussing the upcoming trip with a SV club rider that is going to Spain for the first time (alas I do not get a repeat this year). He asked about some of the rides I had done in the Pyrenees and if I could email the Strava maps to him - they are off my displayed timeline but still in the Strava system; here's how to find old rides.

Studio Velo Cycling Travel

When your logged into to your personal page, click on "Only My Activity" so that you can then click on your name link to access your "Activity Summary" (why doesn't Strava have a tab next to "My Profile" labeled "My Activity"?). Now click "Monthly" tab below the bar graph. Note the long URL string in the browser address bar. Look for the current year and month numbers and change them to the year and month you want to access. Note the screenshot below:

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