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Sunday, July 3, 2011

SV Women's KJ interviews SV patron Bill Keller

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.  For the most part that's true, except when referring to Studio Velo patron Bill Keller.  If you have ever met Bill you can attest that this man does what he loves and loves what he does.  We here at Studio Velo are very fortunate that his passion circulates around our cycling community.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Bill having just joined the Studio Velo team for two months now.  In that time, it's no question that Bill is someone to look up to.  Today, marking his 62nd Birthday I sat and spoke with him on his recent accomplishment.  If you're a KOM hound, you probably already know his stats, but as a reminder (and to boast a bit for a humble man) Bill completed 25 rides, 789 miles, and 101,400 feet of elevation over the course of ONE MONTH in April.

How does one accomplish such a task? Well, for Bill it seems it was a goal that just kept growing.  He noticed his elevation was 50,000 ft pretty early on in the month and with selfless motivation of helping out his Studio Velo KOM club, Bill was off to attain over 100,000ft!

This wasn't done alone.  Bill can be found out riding with fellow SV patron Chas Blackford at least 1-3 times a week.  The cycling pair met through Studio Velo and have been riding together for the past three years.  They joke that they are "the true masters of Studio Velo".  We'll gladly give them that title as they've been sure to keep the SV youngin's in check.

When asked what keeps him going and motivated with his goal, Bill responds with one common theme; camaraderie.  Bill went on to commend Scott, Colin, and Chris for their inclusiveness they have creating through Studio Velo.  Not only through the SV community, but the SV family.  "Everyone who works there are passionate about what they do, and you always feel welcome", stated Bill.  He goes on to share his first experience with Studio Velo where Bill came in for a repair, returned a week later, and everyone greeted him by name.  From that moment on Bill has become a regular through our doors and three years later, I believe we even have his espresso just about perfect.

So, 25 rides, 789 miles, and 101,400 ft of climbing in 30 days... at over 60.  What's his recipe? It comes down to one motivated, determined, genuine man supported by the like minded Studio Velo community and fueled by the love of the game!  Great job Bill!

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