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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Interview With Robin Moore (aka MCspandX)

Today we’re catching up with singer, writer and filmmaker Robin Moore of San Francisco. Robin has garnered a ridiculous number of YouTube views with his 2009 parody of the rift between road ‘cyclists’ and fixies, Performance – starring the gifter rapper MCspandX. He followed that with another MTB send-up in 2010, called “Get Dirty”, plus he’s done many other non-cycling videos that are giving him an enviable body of work.

KOM Challenge: Robin, great to have you talking with us. You’re closing in on 2 million views on YouTube for Performance. Did you have any idea it would become so popular? What do you attribute that to?
Robin Moore: I never thought it would do so well.  I guess it was just the right video for these times.

KOM: You made Performance while you were a resident of Portland, Oregon. There’s quite a fixie scene going on up there, right? Tell us a bit about it.
RM: The fixie scene and roadie scene are both pretty extreme in Portland.  I don’t want to say that cyclists in the bay area aren’t dedicated, but it takes something extra to ride and train in the rain for 10 months out of the year.

KOM: And how does that compare to San Francisco, where fixies seem to swarm the streets SOMA around the Art Academy?
RM: The fixie scene is pretty huge in SF.  It also see a lot of middle-aged business people here,  blowing through stop lights in fixies.  You rarely see that in Portland.  They take bike commuting to the dorky extreme!

KOM: Is your schooling in video and film making? How did you get into making these great vignettes and commentaries?
RM: Yes. I studies film and music at UCSC.  I have always used video at a creative outlet, and the entire cycling scene was ripe for commentary.

KOM: Has parody always been an integral part of your expression?
RM: I always enjoy comedy.  I do more serious video projects as well, but I like balancing those with humorous projects.

KOM: When in your life did bikes start to become important to you?
RM: When I turned 3 I had to start riding.  My dad was a road racer from the 70’s and he didn’t believe in training wheels.  So it was ride, or else…

KOM: What sort of creative challenges lay ahead for you in 2011 and beyond?
RM: Just trying to stay creative and make a positive impact in the world, even if it’s just making people laugh at themselves.  I also have something big in the works that will be released for this year’s Tour de France.  Get ready!

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