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Powered by Strava, the 2011 KOM Challenge was a climbing competition that was designed to be fun and highly rewarding. Over 8000 riders worldwide particpated, ranking up millions of feet (meters) of altitude (and attitude) over the 12 months. This individual, team and bike shop competition was brought to you by Studio Velo Cycling.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1 and 2 Million Feet!

An impressive start to the KOM Challenge at end of the first week with 2,045,866 feet logged by 224 riders. Ryan Sherlock, of the Low Key Hillclimbers is really putting down the hurt, leading the competition with 43,114 feet, riding all over Santa LucĂ­a De Tirajana, in the Spanish Canary Islands. We hope Ryan can give us a report when he returns, the riding must be awesome there, and the weather more conducive to a full day in the saddle (the San Francisco Bay Area started the year wet and has nothing but bone-chilling valley fog for the past 4 days).

However it looks like the long days of summertime down under has helped Peloton Sports of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia rack 176,459 feet for a commanding lead in the Club standings, followed by the Bay Area's Mission Cycling @ 105,964. The Low Keys (94,511), SJBC (94181) and Sheila Moon (74,189) round out the top five.

The shop competition has picked up with 6 shops now in contention, and Studio Velo's riders are leading, racking 80,686 collectively. Other participants are Cycle University from Seattle, along with CycleWorx in Singapore, Drummond Cycles in New Hampshire (USA), Eden Cycles in Castro Valley, CA and Cycletime Hamilton in Hamilton, New Zealand.

A great way to start the year, and don't forget for those just joining the competition, the rides you've already completed will count, just upload them from your GPS device when you join Strava.

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