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Powered by Strava, the 2011 KOM Challenge was a climbing competition that was designed to be fun and highly rewarding. Over 8000 riders worldwide particpated, ranking up millions of feet (meters) of altitude (and attitude) over the 12 months. This individual, team and bike shop competition was brought to you by Studio Velo Cycling.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Five Clubs @ 100K Plus Feet

The KOM Challenge is attracting lots of riders (265) and clubs (91) already, less than 2 weeks in the competition - the response has been outstanding. The Club leaders are (as of Thu, Jan 13, 2011 08:01:53 PST):

1 Peloton Sports - Sydney, Australia @ 221,809
2 Mission Cycling - San Francisco, CA @ 189,179
3 Low Key Hillclimbers - San Jose, CA @ 143,406
4 SJBC - San Jose, CA @ 125,064
5 Road Rage - Hobart, Australia @ 100,762

Check the leaderboard at
The Road Rage are riding on the island of Tasmania, off southern Australia and 2 of their riders, Philip Zakaria and Iain Sheppard have accounted for nearly 60% of the club's total. We're thinking there might be a few climbs around Hobart.

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